Tossing out the tree? Donate it for wildlife habitats

Monday, December 17th, 2018

Margaret Slayton News-Press Now

While Christmas is only a few days away, those with live Christmas trees and holiday decorations may already be wondering how to dispose of their trees once the Holiday season is over. Wildlife conservationists are encouraging citizens to donate their trees to help in conservation efforts.

Conservation officials at Smithville Lake will begin collecting Christmas trees next week that will be used for wildlife habitat.

Derek Dorsey, Smithville Lake park manager, said anyone hoping to dispose of their Christmas trees can drop them off at Shelter 1 in Little Platte Park located by the lake until the end of January.

He said the trees will be positioned in fields to benefit small game species such as rabbits and quail. In addition, songbirds such as cardinals and blue jays will burrow in the trees and use the pine needles to build nests.

Learn more about this process here.