The 2015 Global Food Security Index provides a worldwide perspective on which countries are the most and least vulnerable to food insecurity.

- Source: DuPont


AgExplorer is a site created by National FFA and Discovery Education to provide a comprehensive career resource detailing the various careers within the field of agriculture.

Take virtual field trips and learn more about agricultural careers here.

ARBC Education & Outreach

ARBC Education & Outreach is an educational resource created by The Ohio State University to bridge the gap between Arabidopsis research and its use within K-12 education.

Learn more about Arabidopsis research here.

Food & Ag Curriculum and Experiments

Inspire your students with hands on experiments and activities in Food and Agricultural Science. is the leading ag-specific career portal for the Agriculture, Food, Natural Resources and Biotechnology careers.

Looking for an internship in the agriculture, food, natural resources or biotech field?  Check out this listing of internships currently available - Internship Opportunities

How to Make a Good Resume a Great Resume, Negotiating your First Salary, How to Decline a Job Offer, Writing an Impactful Cover Letter, and more great articles from to help you through the job search process. Resume Tips​​​​​​​

A great career starts with the right education. features hundreds of colleges, universities and agriculture schools in the United States that offer courses, certificates, diplomas and degrees that will help you land your dream job in the agriculture industry.  Choosing the Right Education​​​​​​​

Looking for real-time job postings for a specific job title?  Check out this listing of popular job titles in the ag, food, natural resources and biotechnology industries to learn a little more about the job and view live postings you can apply to.​​​​​​​

Learn about hot up & coming careers in the agriculture space by viewing these career profiles.  Each profile includes; typical duties, what education and training is required, who typical employers are, and suggested organizations and associations you can network with. Explore More Careers In Food & Ag​​​​​​​

Looking to develop an e-Portfolio to showcase your experiences?  This downloadable tool will walk you through the steps to creating an e Portfolio. Click Here To Download​​​​​​​

Cultivate your Career in Agriculture.  Career advice for the job search process on the Click here to visit Career Cultivation blog​​​​​​​

Careers in Agriculture

Learn more about the various career options in agriculture using the new Careers in Agriculture E-Book and view the career profiles of persons employed in these fields.

Land Grant Universities

STEMconnector partners with many land grant and community colleges. Learn more about our partners in higher education and their programs in Food and Agriculture.