Preserving the Season

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

Melanie Peters

In many years past, this time of year would be filled with people bustling around in a warm kitchen preparing goods for the winter through a process called canning. Canning, allowed one to savor the tastes of the summer and harvest seasons year round through a process that preserved the foods to be eaten year round. For several years, the process of canning took a back seat to what are now conventional methods of canned foods from grocery stores, however the old ways are making a comeback! Learn more about canning in this excerpt from UC San Diego Health.

There are lots of things that Millennials, that rather nebulous definition for anyone under 40-ish and over 25-ish , gets blamed for “ruining.” From divorce to network television to mayonnaise , there’s nothing, it seems, that Millennials aren’t out to destroy. That is, unless we’re talking about fresh vegetables and fruits.


That’s right: the rise in popularity in recent years of making homemade preserves, pickles and even kimchi and yogurt can also be laid at Millennials’ feet. Preserving your own fruits and vegetables, whether you have your own garden or not, has enjoyed a renaissance thanks in large part to Maker culture .

But there are pitfalls to do-it-yourself preserving and, if you’re not careful, you can put people in an altogether different kind of pickle. For guidance, we asked Betty Garrity, MPH, RDN, director of the UC San Diego Health Dietetic Internship, for advice on how to safely preserve fruits and vegetables. Plus tips on which vegetables and fruits are at their peak at any time of year and a recipe for enjoying some of fall bounty year-round.

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