Zoey He

Zoey He


Plant Breeder

Hi, I’m Zoey and I work in Monsanto! My job involves high-throughput automated DNA analysis of plant and field soil samples. I work to develop tools to facilitate plant tissue imaging for disease screening. Also, as part of our discovery program, I explore and evaluate new emerging technologies that could be used to enrich our Breeding pipeline.

I enjoy being part of Monsanto here in St Louis because of our constant search for innovation, the resources and expertise required to pursue my goals and further my career, our extensive network of partnerships with academia and industry, etc. Monsanto provides a diverse and motivated work environment for ambitious young professionals like me, where I would feel fulfilled and challenged, and know I had room to grow. I hope to one day attain a leadership role in our global agricultural business to help make a difference. Our pledge for sustainable agriculture and fighting rural hunger is our commitment to the community.

I was born and raised in China, where I began my studies of plant biology & pathology. In 2010, I moved to Champaign IL to pursue my Master’s in Crop Sciences in University of Illinois. My two years of Monsanto employment gives me the opportunity to work with cutting-edge robotics technology and apply it to my molecular pathology background. It's a lot of hard work, but I still get enough free time to enjoy my hobbies: drumming, swimming, photography, trying bizarre food and traveling with my family.