Sarah Schellpeper

Sarah Schellpeper

Smithfield Foods

Sarah Schellpeper grew up in suburbs and cities. Yet, her family’s roots date back to homesteading in Nebraska in the late 1880’s, a farm her parents still own and operate today. In her youth she watched her parents work in the animal protein manufacturing and the animal pharmaceutical industries. Watching and working in this diverse environment has offered a holistic picture of 21st century agriculture.

Graduating in December 2016 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Schellpeper holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communications. Additionally, she earned a minor in Natural Resource Economics. Her areas of interest include: the need to feed the planet, the role of technology and science, culture, government, food safety, and ecological conservation.

Currently Schellpeper works for Smithfield Foods. She began her career in 2015 in a Food Safety and Quality Assurance post. In 2017 she transitioned into the Career Foundations Program, a management training position. She, presently, works at the company’s Smithfield, VA facility in an Operations management role.

Utilizing the knowledge from her upbringing, undergraduate studies, and work experience Schellpeper provides a unique look into modern agriculture. The agricultural field is growing and in need of STEM professionals. This diverse field spans biofuels, produce, clothing, biotechnology, medicine, conservation, and nutrition to name a few sectors. It offers an intellectually riveting and rewarding career – serving the world.