Lisa Tiemann

Lisa Tiemann

Soil Biology

Dr. Lisa Tiemann’s research focuses on soil organic matter (SOM) dynamics and nitrogen cycling through a microbial lens. This emerging area of research provides a framework for testing questions about soil microbial community dynamics in relation to environmental change and important ecosystem services such as soil fertility and nitrogen cycling.

She explores several areas including SOM structure, biofilm formation microbial productivity and microbial growth efficiency that have rarely been studied in this microbial context.

Tiemann uses physical, biochemical and genetic research techniques that involve fundamental soil analyses, isotopic tracers and metagenomics in her exploration of questions related to soil biogeochemistry and ecology.

She studies soil resilience and ultimately, sustainability, in both natural and agricultural systems. since maintenance or recovery of SOM to promote soil fertility and sustainability cannot be achieved through scientific insights into soil processes along, Tiemann integrates social and environmental factors controlling SOM dynamics. She uses a multidisciplinary approach to determine the causes and consequences of SOM and soil fertility loss from both ecosystem and management perspectives, in a wide range of managed systems.

Tiemann earned a doctorate in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Kansas and her bachelor’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Colorado. She was a Science, Education and Engineering for Sustainability National Science Fellow with Drs. Stuart Grandy and Joel Hartter at the University of New Hampshire, where she also completed postdoctoral work. Tiemann also holds a bachelor’s degree in trumpet performance from the University of Wyoming.