Benjamin Dinkins

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Benjamin Dinkins


Risk Management

Benjamin Dinkins is an agribusiness risk management consultant for Nationwide. He joined the company in February 2015 and has quickly made his mark with colleagues and customers because of his desire for excellence and his passion for the industry.

Benjamin’s love of the environment started at a young age while spending time with his dad, who was a commercial fisherman in Miami, Florida. While in high school, Benjamin set his sights set on becoming an NFL player. But just before his senior season at Iowa State University (ISU), he decided he could have a larger impact on the world by focusing on a successful career outside of football.

Benjamin began a career in sales and also worked a temporary job at a national mortgage company and realized a “typical desk job processing forms” was not for him. He was attracted to Nationwide because of the company’s “We Stand For You”® philosophy of supporting farmers, ranchers and agribusiness owners as well as efforts to protect and sustain agriculture. So he was thrilled to join the company in a dynamic risk management role that allows him to interact often with committed coworkers and other people outside of the company.

In his spare time, Benjamin does mentoring, leadership training, and motivational talks for schools, sports teams and businesses.