Natural Disasters, Human Impact and Natural Resource Management

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

Chantel Simpson, STEMconnector

Acid Rain

Ocean Acidification



Climate Change

Hunger and Starvation

Each of these terms paints a bleak picture of extreme weather events, natural disasters and other issues arising due to human impact.  Now, more than ever we are seeing more and more large scale disasters leaving multitudinous negative results. Areas that were once lush and fertile have become arid and areas that were once arid areas are becoming more prone to flooding. Each of these changes are dramatically impacting food security and resource sustainability throughout the world. But what is the solution?

While there is no “one-size fits all” approach to mitigating the issues associated with natural disasters and climate change, natural resource management and sustainability programs offer significant benefits to curtailing future environmental risks. Understanding how the earth’s systems work is essential to understanding how and why our climate is rapidly changing and how those changes are impacting food and fiber systems throughout the world.


Natural resource management and sustainability allows us to learn about currently available resources, their uses and how to use them more efficiently in an effort to conserve them for future generations. Natural resource management can include activities and careers in fields such as waste management, water use analysis and more. Not only will the conservation of these resources result in long-term sustainability, but they can also help mitigate the growing impact climate change.