Farm Babe: 5 food and farm trend predictions for 2019

Sunday, January 6th, 2019

Michelle Miller

With the entrance of the year 2019, it is inevitable that many changes will be upon the horizon, many of which may impact the realm of agriculture. Check out these agricultural predictions for 2019 in the excerpt below.

Welcome, 2019! 2018 was a year full of challenges, from wet weather and flooding to hurricanes, fires, and trade wars. We experienced newer diet trends where Keto and Whole30 reigned as some of the most popular weight loss methods. Where will we go into next year? Will more people adopt vegan diets? Is there a higher demand for organic, natural, and non-GMO foods? Here are my predictions for the Top 5 food and farm trends for 2019.

1. Older labeling fads will fade. Organic Valley, Hunt’s, A&W CanadaPanera, Chipotle, StonyfieldSmirnoff, Triscuit. What do these brands have in common? They all used marketing labels and campaigns which strongly backfired. From non-GMO tomatoes in Hunt’s products (there’s no such thing as commercially available GMO tomatoes) to scary “chemicals” on Panera’s “no-no list,” these companies were heavily called out by science-based shoppers for fearmongering, and now many customers, myself included, refuse to buy their products. I believe in 2019 fewer companies will do this based on the fact they may lose business, and I’m grateful for the consumers who spoke out against misleading or lying marketing strategies.

2. Data and technology will continue to soar and be more affordable. Modern farms are pretty darn cool. We have text alerts when calves will give birth. We have pheromone canisters to trick mating behaviors and trap devastating insects, tractors that drive themselves, email notifications if feed isn’t dispersing correctly — the list goes on and on. Technology isn’t going anywhere, and just like every aspect of our lives, it will continue to grow (pun intended) and become more affordable for the average farmer.

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