Data Science and Agriculture Enter the Fashion Industry

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Chantel Simpson, STEMconnector

When one thinks of data science, fashion is not often a field that comes to mind. Similarly, the term agriculture seems to conflict with both of those terms. However, each of these fields have more in common than many may realize. In fact, some colleges and universities may house their fashion and merchandising programs within the school of agriculture.

The more discerning shopper may often contemplate the material that their clothing is made from – but how often does one think about the processes that went into the product before it reached the hands of the consumer?

Many of the materials that our clothing is made out of comes from raw materials such as cotton or wool, both of which are intrinsically tied to agriculture.  Cotton, coming from a plant and wool from a sheep or lamb. Moving forward, these raw materials are transformed into fabrics through the use of manufacturing technology. Fashion designers can then use the fabrics to create the stylish attire that many are so found of.

So what does data science have to do with it?

Well, one of the major driving factors of economics is supply and demand. A data scientist can use information from consumer purchases to help fashion designers monitor trends within the industry to better forecast sells and help link product development and consumer desires.

Fashion, like many other industries is an agriculturally related STEM career of the future proving that agricultural has a place for everyone!