University of California, Davis

One Shields Avenue

Davis, CA 95616


University of California Davis is the home of the Aggies — go-getters, change makers and problem solvers who make their mark at one of the top public universities in the United States.

Since we were founded in 1905, we’ve been known for standout academics, sustainability and Aggie Pride as well as valuing the Northern California lifestyle. These themes are woven into our 100-plus-year history and our reputation for solving problems related to food, health, the environment and society.

Whether UC Davis is developing more nutritious wheat for a hungry world at the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences or predicting the next global virus before it happens, our research is making the world a better place to live. Here we strive to improve health, enrich life and help feed the world.

While at UC Davis, students have more than 100 majors to choose from, including sustainable environmental design and marine and coastal science. Our faculty helps students flourish by developing courses that explore learning in creative ways. Students understand engineering through making coffee, social problems by designing a juvenile hall mural, and lighting design in a competition with their peers.

UC Davis has ambitious goals that have long defined our university and continue to drive us today. Food, energy, health, education, the environment—UC Davis is focused on solving the most pressing challenges facing our world. We’re leading the way to a better 21st century through the relentless pursuit of knowledge, innovation and collaboration.