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Monsanto is an agriculture company working to bring sustainable solutions to farmers throughout the world. We produce seeds for fruits, vegetables, and key crops such as corn, soybeans, and cotton. But we don’t only deal with traditional farming practices. We invest time and resources into researching new tools for farmers—tools like data science applications and biotechnology—which allow farmers to make precise and predictive decisions on the farm.

We know that the world is changing. By 2050 the world population is expected to grow to more than 9.6 billion people. There will be more mouths to feed with fewer acres of farmland to grow food. That’s why it’s critical to encourage young people to get involved in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). It’s important for students to be curious, ask good questions, and learn to use the scientific method to make evidence-based decisions. These skills and traits will help close the gap between the number of open jobs in the food and ag industry and the number of qualified individuals who can fill those roles.

Here are some of the ways Monsanto is working to foster STEM education:

Support and Sponsorships

Future Farmers of America® (FFA)

For more than 50 years Monsanto has proudly supported and sponsored the National FFA Organization. The FFA’s mission is to make “a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.” We stand firmly behind this mission. As agriscience continues to be the fastest-growing career field within agriculture, the AgriScience Student Program provides scholarships to FFA members who pursue a college degree in agricultural science.

4-H Clubs®

Nearly 7 million students between the ages of 5 and 21 are involved in 4-H programs each year across the world. 4-H can be found in every county in every state, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and in more than 80 countries around the world. 4-H programs help students reach their fullest potential by developing life skills, conducting project-based learning, and utilizing the knowledge of the land-grant university system.

Monsanto directly supports 4-H in several ways, including through the 4-H Volunteer Initiative, which attracts volunteers who coordinate local community clubs and help plan and conduct local, regional, state, and national 4-H events.

Planet Forward®

Founded at George Washington University, Monsanto sponsors this student organization that encourages students to search for innovative solutions to the biggest challenges facing our planet. More than 200 students and faculty from 33 colleges and universities attended the 2016 summit.

Agricultural Future of America (AFA)

AFA “builds bridges for young leaders to foster engagement and innovation in food and agriculture.” AFA offers leader and career development training and academic scholarships for men and women pursuing a career in an agriculture-related field. As a leading partner with AFA, Monsanto has provided over $3 million in support of students pursuing careers in agriculture, reaching nearly 90 different campuses and leaders from 43 states.

Sigma Alpha®

Sigma Alpha is a professional agricultural sorority that promotes scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship among its members. A cornerstone of the organization is their commitment to agricultural education at the K-12 level, a philanthropy requirement of all their chapters. Through Monsanto’s partnership, students gain access to educational resources, leadership training workshops, and career development activities targeted at increasing the number of female leaders in agriculture.


Online Lesson Plans for Teachers
Monsanto offers teachers resources for teaching about agriculture, agricultural sciences, molecular and cell biology and biotechnology.  Additionally, Monsanto sponsors the Online Biology Book at Estrella Mountain Community College.

Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC)
AITC is a grassroots student education program coordinated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and has chapters in all states and territories. State programs address the need for agriculture literacy for K-12 students. Each year at the National Agriculture in the Classroom Conference, Monsanto, in cooperation with the Agriculture in the Classroom Consortium, announce three state winners who receive $5,000 grants for the Monsanto Outreach for Agriculture Awards. Monsanto’s support provides funding for deserving state-level educational projects.

Farm Safety Just 4 Kids (FSJ4K)
Agriculture has long been recognized as an industry with an above-average rate of accidents and injuries, and as a result, farm children are also at risk. FS4JK is a program that dedicates time to teaching rural children about safety.

Agricultural Scholarships
Monsanto offers a variety of scholarships to recognize, reward, and encourage students to continue their education in ag-related fields. Driven by the desire to actively support expanding development of future industry leaders, Monsanto seeks out exceptional students who have long-term career interests in agriculture.

The Monsanto Fund
The Monsanto Fund is a non-profit organization and the philanthropic arm of Monsanto. The Fund is dedicated to strengthening the farm communities where farmers and Monsanto employees live and work and disperses grants that support programs focused on STEM fields.

One of the most exciting programs supported is the FIRST Robotics Competition. The Fund sponsors teams in communities where Monsanto employees work and live and helps to nurture student interest in STEM.


With the population rapidly expanding, by 2050 farmers will need to produce 55 percent more food than they can produce now. Monsanto is collaborating with farmers around the world to find solutions. Our investments in research have led to agricultural technology advancements that support important agriculture and vegetable crops  around the world while reducing agriculture’s affect on the planet.

Monsanto maintains a team-focused environment that thrives on innovation and encourages extraordinary things. Inspiring the next generation of scientists is one of the ways we’re hoping to improve the world.