Des Moines Area Community College

1100 7th St

Des Moines, ID 50314


Founded in 1966, DMACC annually serves nearly 60,000 students through six campuses and five learning centers. DMACC offers a broad range of courses that impart the knowledge, problem-solving skills and technical talents needed to fill the STEM jobs of today and tomorrow.

DMACC’s President, Rob Denson, serves as the chair of STEMconnector®’s Higher Education Council. “Our call to action is to everyone concerned about our ability to create and sustain career opportunities and develop relevant job skills for millions of students to meet employer needs, and the time to act is right now.”

DMACC participates in statewide STEM initiatives that includes an annual STEM Festival to get area youth excited about learning and pursuing a STEM-related career.

The college has long partnered with industry advisory councils in every program area to ensure college curricula imparts up-to-date skills that businesses need to grow and compete. That effort includes expanding programs to meet new STEM occupations and ensuring that DMACC’s educational facilities and learning technology remain cutting edge.