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For a young person, the world is full of choices – from schools and degrees to careers and beyond. Navigating this space can be difficult. Agriculture Future of America is here to help by connecting college students to opportunities and professionals in agriculture and food. Post-college, AFA facilitates experiences with a young professional network that promotes lifelong learning. All of these opportunities are driven by AFA's mission to build bridges for young leaders to foster engagement and innovation in food and agriculture.

AFA invests in young men and women that share three characteristics – they are talented, passionate and committed to a career in agriculture. We deliver the programs, experiences and connections that stimulate leader development and fuel passion in order to equip tomorrow’s leaders to shape agricultural innovation for the betterment of the world.

Collegiate Programs

AFA and its partners believe that students are leaders. Therefore, AFA’s collegiate programming focuses on equipping students as leaders rather than traditional leadership training. Professional development, agriculture exploration and networking are a part of all collegiate programs.

AFA Leaders Conference, the flagship event, occurs annually in Kansas City and addresses four Tracks of personal and professional development. AFA Leader Institutes are held throughout the year in various locations and allow students to more deeply explore specific areas of agriculture. AFA also provides an online forum as well as scholarship and coaching opportunities.

AFA Leaders Conference

AFA Leader Institutes

AFA Leader Fellowship™



AFA Alliance | Young Professional Programs

The Alliance is a personal and professional organization for young men and women in agriculture. Alliance members believe agriculture is an exciting and dynamic industry and want to be part of a national network of professionals prepared for roles of leadership in their respective organizations and communities.

The Alliance provides members with tools to prepare them for these roles through the annual Alliance Forum and various Regional Seminars.

AFA Alliance Forum

AFA Alliance Regional Seminars