China's Moon mission sees first seeds sprout

Sunday, January 20th, 2019


With all of the current buzz about conquering space as the next frontier, one of the most pressing issues other than the lack of oxygen, has been determining the best methods to produce food in outer space including places like the moon. A recent Chinese mission to the moon has done just that and has witnessed the first seeds to sprout on the moon. Learn more about this amazing scientific breakthrough in the excerpt below from BBC.

Seeds taken up to the Moon by China's Chang'e-4 mission have sprouted, says China National Space Administration.

It marks the first time any biological matter has grown on the Moon, and is being seen as a significant step towards long-term space exploration.

The Chang'e 4 is the first mission to land on and explore the Moon's far side, facing away from Earth.

It touched down on 3 January, carrying instruments to analyse the region's geology.

Plants have been grown on the International Space Station before but never on the Moon.

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